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Speaking Phrases Unit 6 Negotiating a solution

There are some situations when we have to negotiate to reach an agreement.  In negotiating we give up somethings in order to get other things that are important to us.

Would you consider...if I ...
If you'll...I could...
Bear in mind...
I can agree to that
That will be fine
That's not possible
I'm afraid I can't
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Work Vocabulary

Exercises and Games

catch on
(v.) become popular; understand
come up with
(v.) to think of; to produce.
an idea / a plan / a suggestion etc.

cut back on
(v.) reduce
figure out
(v.) find the solution to (a problem or question) or understand the meaning of

find out
(v.) get to know or become aware of, usually accidentally
get ahead
(v.) succeed
give up
(v.) stop maintaining or insisting on
go under
(v.) go bankrupt or out of business
hand in
(v.) submit work or school work
lay off
(v.) dismiss, usually for economic reasons
pass over
(v.) bypass (as for a promotion)
set up
(v.) make ready or suitable or equip in advance for a particular purpose or for some use, event, etc
stick with
(v.) not change something / stay near someone / not be forgotten / continue with something difficult or unpleasant
take off
(v.) leave; remove clothes
get away
escape potentially unpleasant consequences
get back to
respond to a contact / respond when you know the answer / start doing something again after an interruption
get by
come to terms or deal successfully with
get into
become involved or interested / become involved in something bad or criminal / be accepted or admitted / become or be accepted as a member / start a habit or way of acting or behaving / be small enough to wear something / criticise
goof off
waste time doing nothing important
got behind
to lag or linger behind
opportunity in disguise
an opportunity that is not readily seen as so
come around
change one's position or opinion
have butterflies in stomach
to be nervous
so to speak
in a manner of speaking
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