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Intercambios: Great Way to Practice Your English

Intercambios are a great way of practicing your English with native speakers.  You have a chance to do an Intercambio right here at the Institute with students from some of the universities that are housed at the Institute.  These students want to practice their Spanish and you get to practice your English.  To try it out come to one of these Intercambio events.
Mondays and Tuesdays
Every Monday and Tuesday from 20:30 – 21:30 in room 302 there is a group language exchange between SUNY students and IIE students.  No need to sign up previously.
October 17 and November 7
There will be group language exchange activities with students from the Accent program on the following days from 18:00 - 20:00: Wednesday, October 17th and Wednesday, November 7th.  Sign up sheets will be provided in class the week before each event. 
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