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Storytelling Vocabulary

be based on
(N) a story that was inspired by events that actually occurred
be hooked on
(V) to be addicted to something
(ADJ) willing to do things that are dangerous, and does not show fear in difficult or dangerous situations
(N) who a book, movie, or play is about
(ADJ) someone who is intelligent and able to understand things easily or plan things well
(ADV) in the end, especially after a lot of delays, problems, or arguments
(V) to keep up with the news of a particular person or group
happy ending
(N) a positive conclusion to something
(ADJ) something that is very unusual or surprising, and you cannot believe it is really true, although it may be
make up
(V) to invent a situation and describe it to others for entertainment
(V) when you successfully deal with a problem and control it
(ADJ) it is obvious in advance that it will happen
(ADJ) recognize and accept something's true nature and try to deal with it in a practical way
soap opera
(N) a television drama series about the lives and problems of a group of people
(V) try hard
(V) manage to live or continue in spite of difficulties
tell a story
(V) to entertain or inform others by describing true or fictitious events
the same old story
(PHRASE) a phrase describing something that happens very often
true story
(N) events that actually occurred
TV series
(N) a set of programs of a particular kind which have the same title
(ADJ) does not have a high standard of learning
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