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Students' Useful Links to Learn English

The following websites are sites that my Upper Intermediate students found and wanted to share with the class. These are the descriptions as to why they like the sites in their writing.
-You can listen to any word you want as much as you want
-It´s good for the pronunciation because you can try to imitate the word´s pronunciation
-You can translate any word you want from any language
-This program gives you many synonyms of the translated word
-It gives you an example using the word in each language
-You can also talk and the program writes the word for you
-But it is not recommended to use this program for translating a sentence or to improve grammar

I would like to inform you about the Website that I picked because I like some of its tips

Other Websites:

Actually, we have a lot of possibilities to learn English on the internet. I was looking in my computer and I found several resources on websites and Youtube.

I chose the website because 

  1. It has a lot of possibilities like videocast, vocabulary, grammar, listening…
  2. You can do a level test, to know what exercises are better for you to improve your English. 
  3. This website has a lot of books about several subjects like history, economics, fiction, and politics 
  4. It has a very interesting blog, where you can learn to improve your English while you are working, for example. (popling, flash cards. Once every few minutes (you choose how often) the Popling displays a notification containing a question from a flash card set).
  5. I can´t use this resource, but this web has connections with important channels in English: BBC news, Reuters, CNN. You can hear the news while you do the chores or another activity.
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Reporting Verbs in English

Reporting Verbs that are followed by that:

Wordle: Reporting Verbs2


Direct Speech: "The report needs to be edited"
Reported Speech:  He said the report needed to be edited.
Reporting Verbs: He found that the report needed editing.

Direct Speech: "I deserve a second chance."
Reported Speech: He said he deserved a second chance.
Reporting Verbs:He insisted that he deserved a second chance.

Direct Speech: "It's my fault the letter was late."
Reported Speech: She said it was her fault the letter was late.
Reporting Verbs:She acknowledged that it was her fault the letter was late.
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Common English Adjective Suffixes

Understanding the meaning of Suffixes can help us understand the meaning of words and expand our vocabulary. Here is a list of Common English adjective suffixes.

Adjective Suffixes
-able, -ible capable of being edible, presentable
-al pertaining to regional
-esque reminiscent of picturesque
-ful notable for fanciful
-ic, -ical pertaining to musical, mythic
-ious, -ous characterized by nutritious, portentous
-ish having the quality of fiendish
-ive having the nature of creative
-less without endless
-y characterized by sleazy

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Verbling-Language Exchange Program

I've been looking for a way to connect my students to native English speakers so that they may practice their English.  I tried different ways to get exchanges: emailing Spanish teachers in the U.S., asking family members, friends, then I realized they could do it through the internet.  

I began looking at the different options available like Verbling.  

What it is:
A free web-based site where you can find a native speaker to practice the language you are interested in through a live video chat.

How it works:
It is fairly easy to set up an account. It takes a few seconds. You can sign-up using their easy registration feature. You then click on the Friends link and start looking for native speakers.  Next you click on the button Get partner and whoever is interested and has the language combination you have indicated connects with you and you can start chatting. They also give you the option to write texts and send messages to the people you become friends with. This is a good option so that you may set-up times to connect back with the same persons in the future. 

One neat feature is a timer that is set for every 10 minutes. This lets you switch languages and both partners get something valuable out of the exchange.

Verbling has also added Classes and Tutors.

For more information on Verbling:

Other Language Exchange Programs

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Great Game for Learning American Idioms

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