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High Inter Writing - Songs-Violent Lyrics

Banning something in the Western societies could have the opposite effect. Human beings never understand the prohibition, and the result is that never works it. In my point of view is not the way to resolve the problem. Violence is part of music, if you like or not. But the issue is that children do not tell the different right and wrong, you have to teach them. They are listening all the time the songs with violent lyrics in video games and TV, too. To conclude, it is time to all of us to do something about violence.

In my opinion, all the external factors of the environment have an impact on people´s behavior. It can be in a good or bad way. And it´s impossible to control all this factors. Violence it´s part of the human behavior. And we can think that through music, humans can control this violence. It´s a way of expression.
So maybe songs with violent lyrics don´t make people more violent. Anyway, to banned this kind of songs won´t resolve the violence in the society. I disagree with this opinion.

Songs with violent lyrics make people more violent and should be banned.
The first question is this. How is a song with violent lyrics? For example. Is it the same one song with sentences about fascism than another song with sentences about street fight?
I think that violence always is here,  it is a reality and it is very difficult that we can hide this reality, so I am disagree with this affirmation. I know songs about important people that they had to take the weapons to defend the liberty and social justice. I think that a lot of songs have lyrics with violence expression, but the writer didn´t want to generate more violence. I´m thinking in Silvio Rodriguez.

Another thing is if you ask me if I am agree with songs with violent messages. I´m disagree this type of songs.

It is Clear that music is one of the best way to connect different kinds of people.People with different ideas, ages or sex find a point of agreement in music. Sometimes this music brings a kind of life, and in this case, when we are talking about songs with violent lyrics ,it is true that perhaps those songs get people more violent in particular moments,probably it is increased by alcohol or other drugs, but I don’t think that it should be banned. I have different reasons. First, a lot of people could enjoy these songs because they like the music and they don’t agree with their contents. Second,if it was banned it could become in something to protect therefore more attractive. Third, I think that hearing isn’t so powerful than sense of vision , It’s worse to watch a violent film than to hear a violent song. Finally , nowadays it is impossible to ban anything because there are so many ways to keep informed.

I don´t think that  violent music , videogames, film can do violent to people.I think that the social injustice , in healt , education do the violence to the people.
When person  don´t have enough money to have a dignified life it ´s appear the violence.The biggest violence is from the avarice of a people than confusing charity with justice.


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English Writing - Divorce

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