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Subject Relative Clauses

Who, that, and which are subject relative pronouns which are used to join two English sentences, or to give more information about something.  A relative clause defines or gives information about the noun that it follows.

Use that to talk about people or things.
Use who and whom to talk about people, and which to talk about things.

She bought a blouse. The blouse is red.
She bought a blouse that is red.

Defining Relative Clause - tells which noun we are referring to, this information is necessary to understand the sentence.

I was working at the company that went bankrupt.
(If we don't say that went bankrupt we don't know why I don't work there anymore)

Non-defining Relative Clause - gives extra information about something, but it is not necessary to understand the sentence.

Marie, who was married to Steve, is coming to Madrid this week.
(What is important is that she is coming to Madrid this week, that she was married to Steve is extra information.)

More Information on Relative Clauses
What is a Relative Clause?

Relative Clauses Powerpoint
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How to Formulate Embedded Questions

An embedded question is a question that is part of another sentence. It can appear in a declarative sentence or a question.

Direct Questions

Embedded Questions
Where is the museum?

Could you tell me where the museum is?
Why was the train delayed?

Do you know why the train was delayed?
Why are the children screaming?

I don’t know why the children are screaming.

These expressions are used to introduce embedded questions:
I was wondering…
The question is…
Who knows…
I’d like to know…
I’m not sure why…
It’s not clear…
Can you remember

Uses for embedded questions:

To ask for information politely
Direct Questions

Embedded Questions
What time is the show?

Can you tell me what time the show is?

Speaking about something the speaker doesn't know.
Direct Question

Embedded Questions
Why did the girl start to cry?

I was wondering why the girl started to cry?

More Information about Embedded Questions

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