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Thursday, March 7, 2013

David - Portfolio

Winning the Lottery - Persuasive

People who win a lot of Money in the lottery usually go under a few years later

The first thing that people think about when they win the lottery is to leave their jobs. People do this without thinking. They leave their jobs and this mean that they won´t receive any money for compensation. So they start losing money. Next thing they do is going on vacation, so they have a lot of expenses. So, they won´t earn money for a job and they only spend money.

Next thing people think is buying a lot of things as if money will never ends. They splurge buying a better car, a better house, a better watch, usually than their neighbours. Most of this things are not needed, but they always desires such of those things and they couldn´t afford them. Meanwhile, the amount of money is getting smaller…

When they realize that this money won´t last forever, they think about investing it. And they try to play in the stock market, or buying several houses for selling them in a short time, or starting up some business, so they try to speculate to continue getting money but very fast. As they don´t have usually experience in those kinds of businesses, they began to lose their money. Therefore, they get nervous and they continue investing in risky business.

Finally, in a few years time, they have less money that when they won the lottery. The only solution is to get back to their former job with humility and shame.

My Teacher's Personality
The best teacher I ever had was my teacher of Chemistry at the high school. If I think about it he had most of the principal characteristics a good teacher must have, in my opinion.

He taught us the effort culture. Every day we had a little exam. We had to answer in 5 to 10 minutes short questions about chemical formulation. So you had to study every day the chemical elements table and the new lessons learnt that day. Then, when the principal exam came, you realized that you almost had studied it yet.

He taught us how to work as a team. He introduced us into the laboratory job. Every member of the team had his own tasks. Therefore, if one member not finished his duties the experiment didn´t work. It was frustrating seeing the other groups with their experiments working, so you tried hard until you succeed.

He taught us always with a great sense of humor. I still can remember his particular chemical elements table with all the names of the elements switch into jokes. When you had doubts about some elements names you always remembered one of that jokes and the correct name came to our minds.

The following teachers that I had couldn´t reach his level any more. So I can say that all knowledge of chemistry I have today I owe it to my old teacher.

How has technology changed society?

Technology is not only the research of microchips, bits and bytes. Each age in human history has his own “technology”. The prehistoric human beings learned how to sculpt rocks to use them for hunting bigger animals or to defend their families. Later, at the Iron Age, metal devices were used to improve agricultural processes, hunting methods and war techniques. So, we can say, society has been changed by technology since the ancient times.

Getting close to our times, the Industrial Revolution changed completely our lifes. The steam machine transformed the society. Lots of handmade works were transformed into industrialized processes. Cities grown up because of the exodus of rural people. Workers formed the Labor Unions to claimed for his rights and new political tendencies appeared (socialism, fascism,…) with two World Wars as a result. Industrial Revolution had the most important influence for the life style of the XXth Century.

The computer research was as important as the Industrial Revolution. Computers have changed the way we work and recently, the way we interact with other people. Besides from making easier most of calculating tasks, computers have transformed our social skills. We can now meet someone who lives in the other part of the world and everybody can access to any information he desires. Everything and everybody is closer than ever, but, at the same time, we are getting far from each other with the excuse to communicate with more “new friends”. Our way of life in the XXIst Century will be determined by the future develop of the social networks. What will be the next step, 3D communications, holograms, teletransport,…? Who knows.