Sunday, December 16, 2012

Verbling-Language Exchange Program

I've been looking for a way to connect my students to native English speakers so that they may practice their English.  I tried different ways to get exchanges: emailing Spanish teachers in the U.S., asking family members, friends, then I realized they could do it through the internet.  

I began looking at the different options available like Verbling.  

What it is:
A free web-based site where you can find a native speaker to practice the language you are interested in through a live video chat.

How it works:
It is fairly easy to set up an account. It takes a few seconds. You can sign-up using their easy registration feature. You then click on the Friends link and start looking for native speakers.  Next you click on the button Get partner and whoever is interested and has the language combination you have indicated connects with you and you can start chatting. They also give you the option to write texts and send messages to the people you become friends with. This is a good option so that you may set-up times to connect back with the same persons in the future. 

One neat feature is a timer that is set for every 10 minutes. This lets you switch languages and both partners get something valuable out of the exchange.

Verbling has also added Classes and Tutors.

For more information on Verbling:

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